Rita Chow was born on the Indian Ocean on an Italian ocean liner, the Asia. Since the waters were international, technically she was born in Italy. The captain gave her the name Rita Asia. Even as a child, Rita drew all of the time and this translated into a career as an illustrator. After getting her BA in Design, she taught at Otis College of Arts & Design and has worked extensively in fashion and sports illustration. Her fluid lines evoking strength and movement have attracted clients such as MasterCard, Mattel, Major League Baseball, the New York Times, Paramount Pictures and many more. Rita grew up in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong and now resides in California.

A few of Rita’s works are available as prints.  These are giclee prints on water color paper or canvas. Prints come in a variety of sizes, starting at $75.  Due to the high quality of these prints, it is hard to differentiate between the reproduction and the original artwork. To order go to www.ritaasiachow.com  or contact Irmeli Holmberg.