In a career that has spanned 30 years, Irmeli Holmberg has influenced commercial art in the United States in her own unique way.

Always looking for the prodigious, she has discovered and promoted numerous artists from all over the world. Her love for the fine arts and classical music, her openness for the unconventional, and an instinct for new trends in editorial, advertising and publishing has made her agency a success. Her artists come from all over the world including North America, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Irmeli represents artists with a wide range of talents and styles. Drawing from an ever growing group of 30, she is always looking for new, innovative artists to represent.

Irmeli currently represents the highly successful fashion and sports illustrator Rita Chow. Over the years Rita Chow has created illustrations used by large commercial agencies including Major League Baseball. Tina Bela Limer, another artist represented by Irmeli, has made her mark in the art world with conceptual collage and metaphysical symbolism. Mark Preston, whose digital collages have decorated a variety book jackets, is another example of the range of styles that can be found through Irmeli. Information on all of Irmeli’s artists can be found on their individual portfolio pages.

Several successful children’s artists can also be found here. Anna-Liisa Hakkarainen, from Finland, was recently chosen to illustrate the picture book, "Grateful, A Song of Giving Thanks",  published by Harper Collins, Julie Andrews Collections.

Whether you are looking to illustrate a children’s book, online publication, magazine, or develop a new vision for your ad campaign, you’ll find plenty of styles to choose from at Irmeli Holmberg. Call today to find out more information about this unique group of commercial artists and illustrators.